ITSM Procurement Management Module

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Manage approval processes for equipment, hardware, and software

The ITSM Procurement Management Module is a unique tool that allows you to manage your procurement processes throughout the large volume of vendor contracts, prices, orders, and more. Manage approval processes for equipment, hardware, and software. Ensure all this happens quickly by incorporating new quotes and vendors into existing purchasing agreements.

ITSM Procurement Management Module

Dynamic approval groups per topic or type of procurement request

This module allows for dynamic approval groups for all procurement types. This can be used to define what group has the power to approve or reject a specific kind of procurement request, such as a request for proposal (RFP) or purchase requisition.

Collect multiple quotes and decide on the best offer

A comprehensive solution to help you manage outsourcing contracts and orders: It allows you to collect multiple quotes, select the best offer and streamline your order management process.

Keep track of all todos and manual tasks

Keep track of all todos and manual tasks, including purchase orders, contracts, and quotations. The front end is user-friendly and easy to use: create new requests and manage existing ones, view the status on a dashboard, and filter by status.

Compile complex procurement processes with multi-part requests

The ITSM Procurement Management Module offers a way to manage the entire procurement process, from procurement requests to settlement. It supports multiple functional procurements and allows for different levels of approval for each, ensuring that all relevant people are involved in the process.
Approval process without chasing approvers

Leverage a process that automatically sends an approval request to approvers when the requisitioning activity is completed. All approvers will receive notification in their e-mail inboxes when they have pending approvals. Approvers can approve or decline an action without worrying about chasing after them.

Create signature manifest for procurement documents

Automate the creation of signature manifest using electronic templates, which will be used as a basis for signing requisitions and affidavits. The tool will automatically request signatures for procurement documents according to predefined rules per department or type of request.

Directly send purchase orders to suppliers

The ITSM Procurement Management Module lets you directly send purchase orders to suppliers – eliminating workflow delays, manual errors, and duplicate work.

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