ITSM Microsoft – Hybrid Meetings and Rooms Workshop

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Hybrid meetings are the new normal
This workshop is the ideal solution for organizations looking to improve their overall collaboration and productivity by providing a platform that enables face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, online training, and other forms of communication.

ITSM Microsoft – Hybrid Meetings and Rooms Workshop

Bridge in-person and remote meeting experiences
This makes it simpler for companies to bring together teams and individuals, regardless of their location. The challenge, however, is determining which hybrid functionality suits your needs now. This workshop will help you find harmony between those inside and outside the office. Going beyond phone calls and video conferencing, hybrid meeting spaces can create effective collaboration tools that can be accessed by anyone.
How do you do more with less?
Today’s organizations face the challenge of getting more done in less time, often with fewer resources. The workshop helps gather and make sense of industry demands so you can address business and technology needs to give you a higher return on investment. Our end-to-end overview ensures individuals and organizations get the tools they need at affordable prices.

Microsoft Teams Devices 

Teamwork across workspaces and devices is possible with Microsoft Teams. Choose from various individual or group spaces — from PC to phone, tablet, or conference room display — and enable your employees to transition between them in seconds.

Software and hardware for Microsoft Teams

This workshop helps you to understand the different software and hardware components of Microsoft Teams. It also explains how to use Meetings, Webinars, and Virtual Events within Teams. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams Rooms to offer new hybrid meeting and rooms experiences.
Teams Meetings
Collaborate and align on the agenda ahead of the meeting with Microsoft components. Brainstorm on a shared whiteboard, annotate any content shared on screen, collaborate on notes, and assign tasks. Stay on track with meeting recaps and easily access meeting notes and shared content.

Virtual Events

Microsoft’s Virtual Events solutions provide the technology to create more engaging experiences for your audiences and participants. Featuring rich, immersive technology, interactive attendance registration, and automated email, mobile, and video integration, it scales from 10 to 10,000 participants.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to create a seamless and natural experience for attendees, whether they are meeting in person or remotely. We understand the importance of being provided with immersive technology that fosters collaboration and facilitates productivity, so we design the solutions in our workshops to fit seamlessly into your existing meeting spaces.

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