eQMS Supplier Corrective Action Module

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Effectively manage supplier corrective actions
This module enables you to manage your supplier’s corrective action requests. You can review the supplier’s feedback, validate their root cause analysis, and verify the implemented corrective actions before closure.

eQMS Supplier Corrective Action Module

Review the supplier´s feedback
Get your suppliers to meet your quality requirements by taking corrective action. You can review the supplier’s feedback on the corrective action request and ensure they have taken the necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence.
Review the status of the corrective action request
Review the status of any corrective action and root cause analysis performed by your supplier. Check for any impacts the supplier’s actions might have on you, then record comments as needed.

Decide if supplier actions are sufficient

Providing you with an indication of how effective the supplier’s corrective actions are.. If the review reveals that not all the required measures have been implemented, you can track those still outstanding and ensure they are implemented.

Verification of effectiveness

The module enables you to plan for additional internal verification of the effectiveness of supplier corrective actions in case the supplier’s verification does not meet your quality standards.
Organize and control containment actions
This module provides the capability of communicating containment requirements to suppliers. The supplier response is documented and assessed to determine if supplier containment actions are sufficient. This helps you to address incoming material issues with your supplier immediately.

Integrate supplier´s CAPA systems

Manage, track, and record corrective actions submitted by suppliers. You can initiate and communicate new requests in real time, track the progress of already existing ones, and identify other processes involved in an issue.

Collect evidence and store it with the request

Store the evidence that the supplier provided. The eQMS Supplier, Corrective Action Module, lets you enter evidence into your system and store it with the supplier corrective action information. You can organize the evidence you have collected in a clearly structured supplier corrective action review form.

eQMS Issue Investigation Module

A central hub to manage investigations of identified issues – Manage identified quality and non-quality issues in one place. Record

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