Platform – Widget Library

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The building blocks of your dashboard
The Widget Library contains the building blocks for your dashboards. We provide a set of pre-made widgets to visualize your data and let you create Custom Widgets that are both functional and intuitive.

Platform – Widget Library

Chart widgets to visualize your data
Use chart widgets to explore and communicate your data in real time visually. You can use the charts to create interactive visualizations and define the data displayed on your dashboards.
Leverage view widgets to explore your entities
Explore and leverage the platform’s view widget capabilities to dig deeper into your entities. Explore the different views available for each entity and select the appropriate one to display data in a way that makes sense for you.

Drop-downs and custom filters

Drop-downs and custom filters allow you to filter data in your dashboard widgets. Drop-downs help select discrete values from large lists, whereas custom filters help you show or hide certain parts of your data.

Report Viewer to show data based on Data Queries

The Report Viewer widget works with data queries to show dynamic data in a simple format. Designed to be easy to use, Report Viewersmake it possible for anyone in your team to customize the content they see.
Use form widgets to capture user input
Form widgets help you quickly create a form on your dashboard. They are easy to customize and have built-in validation features to ensure users enter the correct information in the right place.

Buttons to start processes or execute actions

Quickly add buttons to your dashboard for starting processes or executing actions. You can add buttons that open a form or dialog or perform an action. You can also configure the controls to show a pop-up when clicked.

Data Editor and Explorers to manipulate your data directly in the front end

The Data Editor and Explorers are essential features of the Dashboard Designer, allowing you to edit and view your data directly in the front end. Add, update, and delete records in your database now from your Novunex Platform´s front end.
Platform Data Visualization

Platform – Custom Widgets

Create Custom Widgets with only JavaScript and HTML – Custom Widgets give you the power to build and deploy custom

Platform Data Visualization

Platform – Dashboard Designer

Easy and comprehensive data visualization – The Dashboard Designer is a powerful tool that helps you create compelling and valuable

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