Platform – Scheduler

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Platform – Scheduler

Schedule processes at the right time
Novunex Platform allows you to schedule processes at the right time and choose different schedules in various execution frequencies. Automate tasks by scheduling jobs, create a proactive system and monitor schedules and jobs.
From simple email notifications to complex processes
Novunex Platform Scheduler is a tool that helps organizations execute processes and assign tasks to users. It creates repeatable schedules to be executed on specified dates and times; email notifications can be sent out for each process, allowing organizations to improve efficiency and save time by automating repetitive tasks.

Monitor schedules and jobs

Monitor scheduled tasks and job status and track processes in one solution. Get real-time status updates, receive notifications, and export reports to help you understand your schedule and know exactly what’s happening with your Novunex Apps.

Create different schedules for different apps

The Scheduler allows you to create different schedules for different apps and for different times of the day and week. Create schedules for your apps without writing a line of code in a user-friendly interface.
Automatic execution of processes
Trigger processes automatically based on time or interval. It enables you to start clean-ups on time or update data regularly. You can also set recurring processes that run at specific times. This allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as daily actions or weekly reports. No need to log in and manually start the process.
Choose different schedules in various execution frequencies
The schedules can be set up as one-time or recurring, including multi-day and multi-week limitations. You can set different schedules for different execution frequencies. For example, you can run a report every day at 5 am and another one every week on Sunday at 8 pm. This allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as daily actions or weekly reports.

Automate tasks by scheduling jobs

Schedule jobs at time intervals or while a user is active, and they’ll be completed in the background, freeing up your team to do more important work.

Create a proactive system

Novunex Platform Scheduler provides everything you need to create a proactive automation and monitoring system. You can create your jobs, manage them, analyze them from different dashboards, and more.
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