IoT Urban Cockpit Module

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IoT Urban Cockpit Module

Give citizens valuable insights into public data
The IoT Urban Cockpit Module creates a modern Smart City 4.0 dashboard that provides valuable insights into public data. City operators use the dashboard to monitor the microclimate and street temperature, the water consumption and dry-season reports, and the smart parking module via a web-based interface. Integrating all of your sensors into one system allows you to turn your community into a Smart City 4.0.
Dashboards and charts on smart city applications
The IoT Urban Cockpit Module is a data-driven dashboard for smart city applications. This module consists of groups of pages, each containing a combination of meters, gauges, and other indicators to visualize the performance of your smart infrastructure.
Directly integrate smart parking modules
Integrate your parking management solution with the IoT Urban Cockpit Module to access real-time information on the status of parking spaces and e-charging stations.

Improve safety and integrate the street temperature module

With the help of this module, you can monitor the current street temperature of your city and temperature trends over time to ensure that your residents are informed of dangers from conditions on the road.

Realize Smart City 4.0 through fully integrated systems

The IoT Urban Cockpit Module will realize Smart City 4.0 through fully integrated systems that ensure operational performance, safety, and comfort. The IoT Urban Cockpit Module connects diverse systems in a unified dashboard in real-time, transforming the city into a living digital space.
Visualize your microclimate
Visualize microclimate data in a dashboard that presents local weather, personal health, and safety. The IoT Urban Cockpit is the ideal tool to increase the communities awareness of the local weather conditions.

Publish water consumption and dry-season reports

Publish water consumption and dry-season reports to your local community. You can share information about water supply, all households’ aggregated use of water, or the state of your community’s water system.

Promote PV systems with real-time power generation charts

Leverage your urban cockpit to promote PV systems. It provides a real-time chart of power generation of public, community-owned PV systems that can be displayed on your website or published on social media.
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