ITSM – M365 Governance

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ITSM – M365 Governance

Get control of your Microsoft 365 environment
Provide just-in-time privileged access to resources and get complete control of your administrator permissions and access to internal systems via the Azure AD. Manage and audit all your Microsoft Teams activities, enforce naming conventions, create team policies, automate the creation of teams with approval processes, and review existing and expire unused teams automatically.


Gain complete control over Microsoft 365 and get actionable insights into your cloud environment.

Avoid manual tasks

Efficiently manage risks in your cloud environment and automate compliance and security controls.

Audit ready

Reduce the risk of data loss, threats, and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Streamline your employee onboarding process
Manage the onboarding process of new employees and assign them to correct user groups, roles, and access rights. Leverage employee training modules for smart assignments and management skills development plans. Gain insight into onboarding status with dashboards and KPIs.
Case Study: Teufelberger GmbH
Purchase Requisition Process with
Novunex's ITSM Procurement Management Module
Control 3rd party access to your internal systems
Centralize user management and administration with Azure Active Directory (AD). Automate processes for guest account creation, maintenance, and deletion.

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