Platform – Data Models

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No-code data modeling
The Novunex Platform allows you to create Data Models in seconds. It offers an intuitive user experience and high-performing cloud services that reduce time and effort for app development and time-to-market by quickly organizing and storing relational data in entities. The Novunex Platform includes an embedded analytics engine for real-time business insights, scale-out infrastructure for high availability, auto-patching and upgrade, and SQL support.

Platform – Data Models

Organize and store relational data in entities
The Novunex Platform stores relational data in entities. You can create entities to organize your data, then use columns to store attributes related to the entity. When you retrieve an entity from the database, all of its contained attributes and their properties are returned at once.
Create data models in seconds
The intuitive interface allows anyone with limited knowledge of database design to speed up their development. With no required technical skills or data science experience, Novunex makes it easy to transform any spreadsheet into a clean, structured database in minutes.

Improve app development and reduce time-to-market

An advanced and unified platform that makes app development, testing, and deployment easier: The platform reduces time-to-market and enables developers to iterate faster by providing rich functionality.

High-available data storage

Novunex Platform is a high-availability data storage service with automatic replication and event-driven automation. It seamlessly integrates with the most popular MS SQL-compatible databases on the market while offering unlimited scalability, SSD drives, geo-replication, and security features.
Custom attributes for entity types
Add searchable or calculated fields or both. Custom attribute values can be added, updated, or retrieved by referencing a query’s corresponding attribute key.

Upgrading and patching are handled automatically

Novunex Platform makes upgrading, patching, and adding new attributes to entity types completely automatic. Your data is backed up automatically, so you can restore it anytime. The critical feature is auto-updating, which makes updating and installing new Data Models straightforward and fast.

Get a predictable performance across all service tiers

The Novunex Platform is a flexible solution that enables you to make the most of cloud, unified and hybrid IT. Our platform delivers an efficient, reliable, and secure foundation for your business.
Platform Data Management

Platform – File Storage

High-performance data storage in isolated containers – Novunex Platform offers access to high-performance data storage in isolated containers, scalable and

Platform Data Management

Platform – Data Queries

Fully customizable Data Queries – With the Novunex Platform, you can leverage the full power of SQL to create and

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