IoT – Industrial

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IoT – Industrial

Seamless monitoring, tracking, and management solution for Industrial IoT
Leverage the Novunex IoT platform for building connected solutions for industrial monitoring, asset management, and control applications. The platform can transform a machine into a smart device, enabling you to take control of your entire operation with unprecedented accuracy and detail.


By reducing costs and providing flexibility - leverage the full potential of IoT applications to improve your business processes.


Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements with analytics and audit-ready reports.

Time to market

This solution provides modules with fast implementations of IoT use cases for industrial applications.

Monitor system functions and get instant alerts
The IoT Incident Management Module helps you manage all aspects of an incident, from ensuring your team communicates in real-time to monitoring operational equipment and receiving alerts via customizable email/phone call/text.
Case Study: KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH
KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH Optimizes
Oil Tank Monitoring and Management
Your LoRaWAN workbench
The IoT LoRaWAN Network Module is a central hub for remote devices and sensors. It lets you control, monitor, and parse payloads from any device. The module can also send and receive data from your other IoT devices, allowing you to monitor the entire system with a single tool.

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