ITSM Microsoft – License Management Consulting

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Get an overview of all different licensing options for on-premises licensing and online subscriptions  
Microsoft License Management Consulting will help you evaluate your infrastructure and make informed decisions about your licensing requirements. Our experts will provide a report on the Microsoft licenses you have in place and those recommended for you. They’ll calculate the cost, explain the available agreements, and suggest how to save money by using alternate or different licensing models.

ITSM Microsoft – License Management Consulting

Get an independent opinion from Microsoft specialists to review your licensing
We provide unbiased and independent Microsoft licensing advice, audit support, and consulting services. Novunex does not resell or profit from Microsoft licenses, subscriptions, or contracts; therefore, we are not incentivized to push our customers toward any specific product or solution. Our consultants have extensive experience with IT service management, help desk management, ITIL processes, and Microsoft products. We can help you verify whether you are compliant with your contract with Microsoft – no matter where it’s from – or if you have any other questions about your current licenses.
Save money by comparing different options and have all the necessary information to start negotiations 
Reduce IT operational costs by having an extensive overview of your usage and subscriptions by comparing different options. We analyze the usage and subscriptions in your environment to inform cost and consumption optimization efforts.

Get training and information from Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 specialists

Get optimized Microsoft licenses for your cloud usage and software assets with our IP-based license management expertise. We will provide training and support to help you assess the maturity and effectiveness of your license management and enact optimal policies and procedures from framework to design and implement best practice data management across the lifecycle.

Continuous support for all licensing questions via a support portal and with regular meetings 

Our Microsoft License Management Consulting has the tools and methodology to help you achieve your IT licensing budget savings targets. We’ll evaluate your current state to build the business case for change or uncover quick-win savings. We offer day-long workshops or accelerated analytics and continuous support through ticketing systems and regular meetings to solve issues or discover improvement opportunities.
Avoid overspending on unneeded or incompliant licenses by making data-driven decisions 
Our experts will create a detailed picture of your consumption versus entitlements — providing recommendations to eliminate unnecessary licenses, mitigate risk and optimize your future position.

Understand which options are best for your needs

At Novunex, we have been working with Microsoft products and licensing for many years. We are experts in determining which contracts/purchase options are best for your need and can help you avoid costly mistakes. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your license strategy is appropriate and cost-effective, and aligned with your organizational goals.

Find the best licenses for your specific needs and user profiles 

Our Microsoft specialists assess your IT environment and recommend the best licenses for your needs. We help you navigate the complex Microsoft license jungle and get the most appropriate licenses for your user profiles.

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