Platform – 3rd Party Integration

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Platform – 3rd Party Integration

Connect your apps with the Novunex Platform
Connecting your apps with the Novunex Platform lets you quickly push or pull information via REST, sync data from an external tool, import/export data from a CSV, and much more. The platform is designed to save on your external integration solutions and monitor jobs and schedules of data sync operations.
Push or pull information via REST
Platform integration is available via a simple REST API. A push-based process allows you to develop custom automated workflows to send Novunex Platform data to any third-party service. In contrast, a pull-based workflow will enable you to retrieve event data from the Novunex Platform directly into your applications and databases.

Save on external integration solutions

Data silos exist, and information from one department is not easily accessible to another. The Novunex Platform solves this problem by creating a central data repository where all your data lives on one platform and becomes accessible to anyone within your organization.

Monitor jobs and schedules of data sync operations

The Platform allows you to monitor individual data sync jobs and programmatic schedules in real time. Whenever a data sync operation fails, you can send out custom notifications.
Sync data from an external tool
The platform will allow you to sync data from an external tool. For example, if you maintain a list of customers in a separate app, you can ensure that data matches your customer information on the platform.
CSV Import or Export
Import bulk data from your preferred spreadsheet or application via CSV files. Export your existing data from your chosen platform to CSV and import it directly into our system.

Direct access to the replicated database for BI solutions

Our platform offers direct access to data for custom analytics and business intelligence. Connect your Novunex Account to your preferred analytic tool, then run the analysis on our replicated database.

Event-based or job-based data processes

Event-based or job-based data processes are invoked when a specific action occurs in an external system. For instance, an external system will trigger a data processor when the number of real-time customer orders reaches the pre-defined limit.
Platform API Integration

Platform – REST API

Integrate with any external system via REST – With the Novunex Platform, you can integrate with any external system via

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