IoT Air Quality Control Module

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IoT Air Quality Control Module

Monitor your air quality and improve safety
The IoT Air Quality Control device monitors the air quality and sends alerts when there are problematic conditions. Use it to improve safety or integrate it directly into the Urban Cockpit Module. Monitor CO2, PM2.5 and PM10, TVOC, and solar radiation, as well as SO2, NO2, and O3.
Get events on limits or problematic conditions
Get a notification when your air quality sensor detects an event on limits or problematic conditions in your area. Set limits to trigger alarms when air quality falls outside the normal range.
Integrate directly into the IoT Urban Cockpit Module
The IoT Air Quality Control Module connects directly to an urban cockpit, where you can publish information instantly. Make decisions based on real-time data from sensors in your city.

Publish solar radiation status

Monitoring solar radiation is of great importance for the safety and comfort of people in a dwelling place. Publish solar radiation information directly to your IoT Urban Cockpit Module.

Set limits for SO2, NO2 and O3

Keep track of nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide: Air pollutants produced by combustion. All three contribute to acid rain, smog, and respiratory problems.
Measure and monitor CO2
The IoT Air Quality Control Module integrates with sensors capable of detecting CO2 levels in your area. It includes a notification feature that can send messages automatically when CO2 levels are too high or when they fall below a certain threshold.

Monitor PM2.5 and PM10 levels to fulfill regulatory requirements

The system is designed to alert when the pollution level exceeds a threshold value. It can detect PM2.5, PM10, and other particulate matter. The system also considers the humidity, temperature, and wind speed to provide an overview of other air pollutants factors.

Track your TVOC levels

TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) measures the number of chemicals in the air in parts per million(Micrograms (ug) per cubic meter (m3)). TVOC needs close monitoring and limits to avoid health problems for citizens or public facilities.
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