ITSM Incident and Problem Management Module

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ITSM Incident and Problem Management Module

Follow up on IT incidents easily

The ITSM Incident and Problem Management Module makes tracking and following up on critical incidents and problems easy. The module helps you start root-cause analysis processes; clear approval paths are defined for incidents and problems, which enables you to focus on the most critical issues first.

Alert the right persons at the right time

It is important to ensure the right people are alerted at the right time. Our ITSM Incident and Problem Management Module helps you set up email notifications to alert the right people when an incident occurs or after an action is completed.

Start root-cause analysis processes and corrective actions

You can start a root-cause analysis process and corrective action immediately after an incident or problem. Log everything in one place to ensure that critical information isn’t lost.

Review KPIs and charts on incidents and track results

ITSM Incident and Problem Management Module are designed to monitor the performance of incident and problem management. Using pre-set KPIs, charts, and reports, you can review your situation and track results.

Execute clear approval and escalation paths for incidents

To better enable organizational collaboration and communication, ITSM Incident and Problem Management Module can be configured with clear approval paths to help ensure that the right person or group is notified at the right time.
Focus on the most critical issues first

Issues management within ITSM Incident and Problem Module is a powerful way to prioritize the most critical incidents and problems across your enterprise. It helps you identify the most significant risks to your IT operations and gives you insight into how they are affecting your company.

Get audit-ready reports on results and findings

Generate risk and efficiency reports, track service level apportionment to individual teams, enable IT management to trend performance against strategic goals and KPIs, create templates and workflows to streamline process creation and customize dashboards to present information in the way you want it shown

Manage your unplanned interruption of a service

Efficiently manage different types of unplanned interruption of service so that your users and customers feel confident that when they are ready to rely on your organization for business services again, they can do so seamlessly.

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