eQMS Document Obsolete Module

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Stay compliant and avoid out of date documents
Retiring unneeded documents from your production systems can be a challenge. To ensure compliance and avoid costly audit findings, you must remove unneeded documents from use. With eQMS Document Obsolete Module, you can retire documents easily and maintain a ’clean’ and compliant quality system.

eQMS Document Obsolete Module

Maintain accurate revision control in your quality system document library
With eQMS Document Obsolete Module, you can easily maintain accurate and relevant documents in your quality system document library. Documents that are no longer needed can be clearly identified and removed through a controlled process with defined approvers.
The eQMS Document Obsolete Module provides clear approval responsibilities and assignments
The system uses approver information from the latest document approval process to pre-assign the approvers for obsoleting the document. Approvers receive task notifications as soon as the document is submitted for obsolete review and approval.

Restricted access to obsoleted documents

The eQMS Document Obsolete Module lets you archive obsolete documents to keep your records organized and ensure that only privileged users can access them. These archives are not accessible by co-workers, keeping compliance intact.

Don’t forget about the training when obsoleting a document

It is easy to forget about the training courses and active document training for obsoleted documents. Here is where our automation takes care of handling the retirement of a connected training course as well as any open document training related to the obsolete document.
Retire documents, without struggling with the process
eQMS Document Obsolete Module offers an easy way to identify obsolete documents and connected training and remove them from use. This automated system saves you time, reduces errors, and ensures compliance. Instead of spending hours doing this manually, it’s just a few clicks of your mouse!

New version - safely retire the old document

If a document gets changed through a formal document change process, the current version of the document is automatically obsoleted. Access to obsoleted documents is restricted to authorized users only.

The correct process to retire documents

The eQMS Document Obsolete Module process allows the document owner to review and justify why a document should be obsoleted. The system automatically lists linked reference documents that the user can select to be included in the obsolete process as well.

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