eQMS Document Change Request Module

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Easily submit change requests to documents and track the status online
The eQMS Document Change Request Module allows users to submit change requests for documents and track their status. A document change is automatically started after the approval of the request, and a notification is sent when a change request is approved, rejected, or closed.

eQMS Document Change Request Module

Avoid disconnected change requests for documents.
Eliminate the uncontrolled stream of requests via email and spreadsheets and utilize a centralized source the team can access. Streamlined communication keeps the right users informed.
Track tasks and actions for change requests
The Change Request Module turns submitted change requests into actionable tasks that are assigned to predetermined process owners. Process owners are notified via email and are able to review the request on any browser-enabled device.

Automation of change requests

This module supports full integration with the document life-cycle process. This means that it automatically converts approved change requests into a document change. This is done by utilizing the information captured by the change request and converting it into a document change.

Compliant change requests montoring

The Document Change Request Module enables you to monitor and track the change requests submitted and processed by document with smart graphs and charts.
Compliance the easy way, without maintaining lists
Compliance shouldn’t get in the way of your quality. All your team’s change requests are linked to the documents that support your ISO 9001 or medical device regulatory requirements. This simple and easy-to-use module helps you to drive improvements efficiently.

Fast processing for approvers of change requests

Easily define which users receive emails and messages when change requests are submitted. Change request approvers can quickly review submitted change requests and determine if a document change is needed.

Broad access to submit a change request

To utilize the experience and innovation of the entire team, every team member with system access can create and submit change requests. This provides your organization with a constant engine of innovation.

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