Platform – Human Tasks

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Manage and assign tasks through processes
Novunex Platform provides a single place for all Human Tasks. Task management is streamlined, and data is updated in real-time. The platform allows you to assign user tasks, create processes, and manage task data.

Platform – Human Tasks

Present input forms for users
The platform is a customizable web-based system that allows you to design input forms for your users. You can build forms for simple data collection or complex systems with long-term engagements
Modify and inspect data, and execute actions
Present multiple options: A customizable web-based system that allows you to build forms for different scenarios. Novunex’s platform allows users to create forms to modify and inspect data and execute actions in a user-friendly interface.

Leverage an intuitive execution screen

Novunex Platform delivers full Human Task automation, allowing you to leverage an intuitive execution screen and effectively execute tasks in business processes through the platform’s portal.

Manage all Human Tasks in one place

An integrated task management solution that helps you manage all Human Tasks in one place. You can create custom forms that are suited to your business processes.
Assign tasks to users and user groups
Creating a flexible work environment powered by Novunex will streamline your business process and improve team productivity. Distribute tasks to multiple users, track progress, and ensure tasks get done.

Delegate form inputs

The delegate feature allows users to delegate form inputs in out-of-office scenarios or sick leaves. Users can assign a member of their staff to act on their behalf.

Store and save user inputs

The platform lets you store and save user inputs in custom entity types directly in your database. It allows you to create and store your custom entities from scratch, on demand, without any programming skills required.
Platform Process Management

Platform – Scheduler

Schedule processes at the right time – Novunex Platform allows you to schedule processes at the right time and choose

Platform Process Management

Platform – Automatic Processes

Model your business processes – The Novunex Platform is a low-code and rapid application development solution that enables you to

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