ITSM Microsoft – Microsoft Viva Workshop

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ITSM Microsoft – Microsoft Viva Workshop

New and unified employee experience platform 
Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that helps organizations create a thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders. It combines systems of work with support systems into an integrated employee experience, where people can get the resources and support they need to succeed on their journey.
Get insights into employees’ well-being
The Microsoft Viva workshop allows you to learn about the tools, insights, and services that will help you optimize your employees’ wellness at work. You’ll get actionable insights into how physical and mental well-being affect your company’s productivity.
Improve your company´s culture and overall engagement
Culture and communications are the top two drivers of employee engagement in organizations. It has been proven that they have a direct impact on an organization’s culture and employee engagement. The outcomes of an effective culture strategy can contribute to increased productivity, reduced turnover rates, better customer satisfaction, and improved brand image. This workshop explores how you can use Microsoft Viva as a platform to help improve your company’s culture and overall engagement with employees.

Productivity and collaboration

Microsoft Viva helps you create an employee engagement solution best suited to your company’s needs. We can help you design, engineer, and deploy your solution so that it gets real-time feedback from work sites and other data sources, providing insights and guidance to empower workers.

More than an EXP solution

Viva is more than just an employee experience platform — it’s a solution that combines the power of Microsoft Graph with your business data to improve your organization. Built on the Microsoft 365 Cloud and integrated with Microsoft Teams, Viva connects people to their peers, processes, and data throughout their workday.
Learning and development
ITSM Microsoft – Microsoft Viva Workshop focuses on Viva’s features and its key concepts. You’ll also gain insight into dashboards, best practices, and methodologies that help organizations improve their employees’ skills.

Purpose and alignment

The workshop is designed to find out how Viva helps to align people’s work to the team, organization, and company goals. Microsoft Viva brings a common understanding of the purpose and benefits of the teams’ efforts, along with recognition and appreciation.

Knowledge and expertise

Microsoft Viva is a cloud-based platform that helps you manage available knowledge, people, and expertise. It lets you capture and share your business thinking, learning, and content at scale to keep your organization efficient.

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