ITSM Microsoft – Protect and Govern Sensitive Data Workshop

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Discover the privacy and regulatory risks of existing data
This workshop will take a deeper look at how you can enable a risk mitigation process by leveraging data governance solutions. We will explore how to add insight into the organization’s data across the organization and make better use of that information to help lower risks.

ITSM Microsoft – Protect and Govern Sensitive Data Workshop

What is Dark Data?
Learn about the risks of dark data, and review examples to understand why it is more than just a technical problem. We’ll discuss in this workshop how you can use AI to learn about your company’s data and protect sensitive information that may pose a risk to your company or brand.
Assess the Microsoft 365 environment
This workshop also covers an assessment to understand your Microsoft 365 environment and assess against controls for key regulations and standards for data protection and general data governance. It will provide valuable insight into where you currently are, highlight gaps that need addressing and suggest areas of best practice that should be implemented to help prevent compliance breaches.

Automated discovery

This workshop will help you safeguard your data in Microsoft 365. Learn how to perform automated discovery of sensitive content in email, document storage, and collaboration applications such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams.

Microsoft Compliance Manager and Purview Overview

This workshop also provides an overview of the Microsoft Compliance Manager and Purview solutions for Customer Data Compliance. It is intended to enable you to understand how the solutions can assist you in meeting key data protection standards, regulations, and initiatives.
Analyze and report
Analyze and report on sensitive data, associated risks, and impacts. Determine the type of information you need to identify and protect. Discover what sensitive data is at risk, and put safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

Learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks

New cloud services and tools offer new protections for sensitive data. They take a holistic view of your risk landscape and help you put in place the right controls to manage those risks behind the firewall, in hybrid environments, and in the cloud.

Data Risk Check 

Protect and govern sensitive data across your organization. Automate the discovery process so that you can quickly identify and remediate top risks, including stale data sets and risky locations. Discover how your organization’s data is being used, including usage by third parties on shared services like Office 365. Plus, learn about best practices for protecting your organization’s sensitive information in Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

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