eQMS Audit Module

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The modern way of managing audits
With full electronic traceability, automatically generated audit reports, and a complete overview of all your eQMS audits, you can be sure that this module will provide you with everything you need to manage your audits.

eQMS Audit Module

Plan and schedule audits
Plan and schedule audits for different departments and processes across your organization, with the ability to notify users when it is time for audits. Create audit schedules with numerous intervals and options for your business units and audit types.
Define audit review areas
The module allows you to define audit areas and associated procedures for different ISO standards or regulatory requirements that must be audited.

Embedded in Novunex eQMS

Directly start issue investigations and corrective actions based on audit findings. Leverage the complete Novunex eQMS suite and different modules to manage audits in a lean way.

Manage internal, external, or supplier audits

Novunex eQMS Audit Module provides a centralized processing and data repository for internal, external, or supplier audits. The seamless integration captures and retains information about risk, recommendations for improvement, and findings throughout the entire lifecycle.
All information in one place
All information related to an audit is in one place. With the eQMS Audit Module, all relevant data and attached evidence are available before, during, and after an audit. Execute audits confidently, knowing that all activities are documented in one place.

Follow-up on audit findings and corrective actions

The Audit Module allows you to follow up on findings and initiate investigations and corrective actions to verify audit results. Traceable information is available for each audit result. The module enables quality managers and internal auditors to stay organized by centralizing their audit data in one place.

Full electronic traceability

This module allows you to see the impact of your audits and actions throughout your organization, including all findings in different areas. You can generate fully digital audit reports, allowing you to see each stage of audit activity at a glance.
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eQMS Evaluation and Improvement

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