eQMS Change Management Module

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eQMS Change Management Module

Automate the process of change, from initiation to implementation
The Change Management module allows you to automate the change process from initiation to implementation. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to document and process, supplier, product, and equipment updates.
Minimize disruption and maximize compliance
Change management can be complex and time-consuming and needs streamlined, transparent process management. The change is defined with the reason for the change, its impact on the business, the impact on downstream operations, the risk associated with the change, and notifications to stakeholders.
Leverage the complete Novunex QMS solution
The eQMS Change Management Module provides a complete solution to manage, track and document all changes for your QMS and operation processes. This includes data and files for change actions and change items like documents, equipment, products, and other operation records.

Monitor and control changes in progress

Monitor, control, and communicate changes in progress. The module automatically links changes to tasks, so users can easily identify what needs to be done to implement a change and who’s responsible for it. eQMS automatically updates the status as each change progresses through the different phases of your change management process.

Stay compliant on all change projects

The eQMS Change Management Module enables you to meet ISO standards and regulatory requirements on every project. You will be able to manage change requests and track progress with built-in reports and dashboards.
Start dedicated change action processes
Organize and communicate change actions clearly, with a dedicated change management function. Manage the impact of changes on your quality and operation processes reliably, with centralized coordination across all company areas.

Identify the change scope and all necessary actions

Execute a detailed change management process including scope, activities, all necessary tasks, ownership, time frame, and risk assessment. The goal of the Change Management Module is to precisely define, approve and execute the changes that affect your operation and quality processes.

Verify the effectiveness of change

Verify the effectiveness of change management, ensuring that all changes follow your QMS standards on change control processes. Get insights on change execution and effectiveness through reports and dedicated dashboards with measurable KPIs.
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