Platform – REST API

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Platform – REST API

Integrate with any external system via REST
With the Novunex Platform, you can integrate with any external system via REST, enabling you to start processes directly with the API, download or upload files and binary data, execute queries, and more. All of this is tied back to our relational data so that your integrations will always be up-to-date and accurate.
Start processes directly with the API
With the Novunex Platform RESTful APIs, developers can access and control their data and applications. Digitize business processes, whether you’re building applications on the platform or want to develop custom software applications for your business, such as unique web portals or smartphone apps. The Novunex Platform offers a wide range of RESTful APIs that are easy to use and understand.
Download or upload files and binary data
The Novunex Platform supports various data types, including videos and images in different formats, audio files, and documents. Any binary data can be uploaded or downloaded with the API Interface.

Integrate with a system that is always online

The Novunex Platform is a comprehensive, fully redundant platform for all your needs. Data is processed in real-time 24/7, with SLAs and redundant systems to ensure data integrity.

Security and reliability are the top priorities

The Novunex Platform REST API helps your business seamlessly integrate with our platform, providing a secure and reliable integration solution that offers full access to the data and functionalities of our service.
Execute queries directly via REST
The Novunex Platform REST API offers programmatic access to the Novunex Platform database. Use this API to integrate your existing systems with our system and build custom applications on top of the Novunex Platform. Provide an available JSON format-compliant REST interface that allows you to execute queries directly against our database.

Secured via keys specific to accounts and subscriptions

The REST API has been designed with security in mind. Thus, it uses key-based authentication for all accesses. Each account on the Novunex Platform has its key managed to authenticate the user and authorize access to their data. Subscription accounts have a specific key pair that is associated with them.

Access entities and the relational data

Novunex Platform – REST API provides programmatic access to a relational database and its data, representing the entities. You can query the database via REST API calls or use our direct endpoints to fetch the needed data or create, update, and delete them.
Platform API Integration

Platform – 3rd Party Integration

Connect your apps with the Novunex Platform – Connecting your apps with the Novunex Platform lets you quickly push or

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