eQMS Classroom Training Module

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eQMS Classroom Training Module

Manage classroom training easily
The eQMS Classroom Training module is designed to make classroom training more efficient, easier, and modern. Manage, monitor, and evaluate all your training records online. All information is available in our easy-to-use dashboards.
Trainer dashboards offering clear insights
Leverage training dashboards to plan your classroom activities ahead of time, allowing you to focus on ensuring training execution rather than shuffling around training course material and participation lists.

Manage signatures on executed training

eQMS Classroom Training Module provides complete control and compliance with executed training. With this module, you can capture the electronic signature of the classroom trainer and trainees needed as evidence for participating classroom trainees.

Evidence, track and traceability of training

Collecting evidence, tracking results, and full traceability of training are crucial parts of any quality and regulatory compliance standard. With this module, you will get your employees trained in accordance with your training requirements and generate audit-ready records as proof of compliance.
Define when and how training is executed
You can define the prerequisites and delivery mode for training and measure its effectiveness. Take an overview of your organization’s training programs, including those you created for external providers or internal classroom training.
See needed classroom training per employee
Find out quickly which classroom training is missing and who needs it. See closed, open, and upcoming classroom training in a dashboard view. Review trainers and their status of completed training per employee or instructor level.

Create demand-driven participation lists and manage them throughout the training

eQMS Classroom Training Module enables you to create participation lists based on classroom training demand captured in the system. The attendee lists can be adjusted by the classroom trainer during the scheduling of the class.

All information available during classroom training

An eQMS classroom trainer can open the classroom training task to get immediate access to the training course material needed for conducting the training.
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