Talent Management

  • Fill in vacant key positions faster

  • Develop and train high-potentials in a structured way

  • Keep history of all recruiting steps and development possibilities

Coordinate your internal and external strategies to ensure to have the right talents in your company’s key positions. Use competence-oriented assessment instruments to identify and develop new talents.


Talent Management

  • Make your recruiting leaner by falling back on internal talents

  • Manage talents across different sites

  • Boost your employer image by sharing useful information with the community

Avoid bottlenecks by managing, finding and matching internal and external talents in a comfortable and transparent way. You can easily record, retrieve and validate the skills of your talents to find the best employee for the position.

Talent Management

  • Processes have been designed with best practice from recruiting talents over 15 years

  • Novunex understands that modern organizations need multi dimensional solutions

  • We understand that it is crucial to manage talents in a systemic way

Manage talents with Novunex

  • Easily handle and manage employees’ profiles with history tracking

  • Create a multi channel communication to onboard talents

  • Set up talent profiles with the measurements you need

Pre-implementation of Novunex, I was hoping for 30% efficiency gains. I am now confident our organization has certainly far surpassed 30% gains. The learning management implementation is receiving commendations from all or our staff involved in the training program.
Galen Swindell, VR Analytical
It has been really easy to work with Novunex team, they are always available to help us solve any issue, and listen to all our requests for updates and new implementations for our system.
Magdalena Czarnievicz, Otoharmonics
The dashboards offer excellent visual ques to users when training is due, or a document is pending approval. The simple layout allows users to easily maneuver through the system and specific process step they are assigned.
Mandy Cameron, SerĂ¡n BioScience

Novunex helps to increase your competitiveness

Connect your activities with upstream and downstream processes via external APIs to create a complete talent relationship management.

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