Production Order

  • Manage your production orders with the right priority

  • Process all orders on the shop floor completely paperless

  • Leverage bar-codes or QR-codes to reduce user input to an absolute minimum

An integrated shop floor control serves as a basis for optimized processes and integrated quality management.


Production Order

  • Track order processing status in real-time

  • Monitor target vs. actual quantities per workstation, cell, line or factory

  • Create complex routes for unit flows through operations and production steps

A paperless production is the basis for an integrated ERP experience allowing production personnel to fulfill orders in-time and on-cost.

Best choice for production order management

  • Our business analysts have on average 15 years of experience in managing shop floor processes

  • Novunex was built with complex shop floor environments in mind

  • At Novunex we are constantly improving our solution in order to fulfill the most complex shop floor requirements

Production orders with Novunex

  • Automatically route units to the right station based on customized line setups

  • Identify bottle necks and quality issues in real-time

  • Automatically integrate existing ERP solutions such as SAP through order and status signals

Scalability – We want to grow! The paper based system we were using (though solid) would not effectively allow for efficient, well controlled and compliant growth.
Galen Swindell, VR Analytical
We have changed to Novunex to satisfy our customers’ requirements of having an online order system, and since then we have seen nothing but improvements, on the way we interact with our customers, on our quality metrics, on our efficiency.
Magdalena Czarnievicz, Otoharmonics
From material ordering, receipt, and testing, through the product manufacture and release, to equipment maintenance and investigation management, Novunex is a one-stop software for all needs.
Mandy Cameron, Serán BioScience

Novunex helps to increase your competitiveness

Novunex can improve existing shop floor solutions through intelligent and lean process integration. We believe that Novunex is the answer to complex shop floor processes and can even support frequent changes in Low-Volume / High-Mix environments.

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