Recruiting and Onboarding

  • Reduce your administrative effort to a minimum

  • Coordinate job advertisements

  • Control the efficiency of your recruiting actions

Recruiting the best matching employees and retain them in the company often lacks efficiency and coordination. Doing recruitment in an automated way requires a system, perfectly set up to the way you do recruiting.


Recruiting and Onboarding

  • Keep a detailed history of your applicants

  • Fight the “War of Talents” with smart application processes

  • Rank applicants with quantitative techniques

The recruiting process is an important element of your company’s visibility. A well-coordinated and rational process supports your organization’s trustworthiness and helps recruiters to get their first choice employees.

Best choice for recruiting and onboarding

  • Novunex understands the necessity to interconnect on-boarding processes

  • We have a clear vision of effective process design

  • We have a broad experience in improving HR processes

Recruiting and onboarding with Novunex

  • Create and approve applications with no effort

  • Send bulk mails to applicants automatically

  • Set up your own ranking system according to your needs

Pre-implementation of Novunex, I was hoping for 30% efficiency gains. I am now confident our organization has certainly far surpassed 30% gains. The learning management implementation is receiving commendations from all or our staff involved in the training program.
Galen Swindell, VR Analytical
It has been really easy to work with Novunex team, they are always available to help us solve any issue, and listen to all our requests for updates and new implementations for our system.
Magdalena Czarnievicz, Otoharmonics
The dashboards offer excellent visual ques to users when training is due, or a document is pending approval. The simple layout allows users to easily maneuver through the system and specific process step they are assigned.
Mandy Cameron, Serán BioScience

Novunex helps to increase your competitiveness

Easy and sensible design of the recruiting process maximizes the HR department’s performance. The module reduces paper based work load and can be fully integrated with other systems and processes.

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