How can I
automate a business process with Novunex?

By using a simple, visual editor – business processes can be created and automated in minutes.

How can I
visualize and monitor my data?

Novunex has an easy reporting and dash-boarding solution, that allows visualizing process relevant data. Every user and user group can have its own dashboards.

How can I
create forms and user input fields for my business processes?

Drag and drop – without programming or complex scripting languages. If you understand spreadsheet formulas, you can handle Novunex as well.

How can I
integrate and interface Novunex?

Novunex has a REST API to start processes and push data to the system as well as process activities that allow calling of external web-hooks.

Process Designer and Engine is out-of-the-box and supports all business processes and production routes.

Apps can have predefined processes, rules, jobs, menu items, pages, entities and even additional client applications. Apps can be linked together and extended using HTML / JavaScript.

Rules and Jobs can be created and configured out of the box and can help to observe your environment and processes.

Why Choose Us

  • Powerful and scaleable process execution engine and process designer out of the box.

  • Configureable rules and jobs are observing your environment, sending notifications, starting processes or executing scripts.

  • No hard-coded data entities. Defining your own model is part of the framework management portal.

  • Organize your own dashboard and choose widgets out of a rich library.


Novunex Customers